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Optometry Frequently Asked Questions: Your Top Questions Answered

How old should my child be for his/her first eye exam?

6 months old is a good age for your child's first eye exam. It is best to catch eye related problems at a young age so that it can be corrected immediately. One such problem is lazy eye. Lazy eye or amblyopia is a problem that occurs when the nerve pathway from one eye to the brain does not develop during childhood.

Do I need an eye exam if I am diabetic?

Yes. High blood sugar can cause complications to the blood vessels in the back of your eye called the retina. Often, you do not know there is bleeding in your eyes because there are no symptoms until it is too late.  Most cases of vision loss from diabetes can be prevented. The first step is getting a dilated fundus exam from an eye care professional.

How old does my child need to be to wear contact lenses?

There is no age limit. Many children can use contact lenses with no problems at all. However, the parents need to know if their child is responsible enough to care for contact lenses.

Am I a candidate for LASIK surgery?

There are many factors that determine candidacy for laser refractive surgery. One common factor is stable glasses prescription. You'll get the best results from your LASIK surgery if your eyesight has been stable for at least 1 year. Another common factor is age. Vision typically stabilizes once you are done with school.

When will my glasses prescription stop changing? Will I go blind?

Our bodies are constantly changing as we age. The eyes also undergo changes. There are certain activities that may make your vision worse. Some common examples are spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen, playing video games, studying or reading books. There are some causes in vision that are more serious, such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and many others. This is why people should get a yearly eye exam.

What is Pink Eye?

It is an inflammation or infection of the transparent membrane (conjunctiva) that lines your eyelid and covers the white part of your eyeball. When small blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed, they
are more visible. This is what causes the white part of your eyes to appear reddish or pink. Pink eye is commonly caused by a bacterial orviral infection, or an allergic reaction. Because pink eye can be
contagious if caused by a virus, early diagnosis and treatment can help limit its spread.

Does reading in dim light hurt my eyes?

No, but most people are more comfortable reading with proper lighting which is bright enough to provide good illumination.



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